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Make deals and get paid! Onederx is the world’s first exchange with a negative fees for takers.

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Onederx | Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

Perpetual Contract

Leverage up to 20x

Speculate on Bitcoin price or hedge your risks

Short positions — earn on the falling market with no lending fees

As simple as BTC/USD spot trading 100% correlation with the BTC/USD spot market price

"Perpetual BTCUSD is the most traded instrument in 2018"

Hedge your risks

If your business is not bitcoin speculation, you probably hate exchange rate fluctuations. Onederx's perpetual contract provides the best way to hedge your positions, effectively eliminating the risks that come with having a large amount of cryptocurrency.


Low latency

High delays in order processing mean losses and ungained profits. At Onederx, we eager to provide ≤ 2ms end-user latency for 99% of requests.

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We're using cold storage and multisig wallets to protect your funds. Zero bitcoins have been stolen since Onederx launched.

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To get the lowest available latency — drop us an email and we'll give you direct access bypassing our anti-DDoS provider.

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We're, an international HFT firm. For more than four years, we have provided liquidity on major classic exchanges all over the globe.
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